About Me

Hi! I’m Timo, a producer of royalty-free music and audio designer.


How it all began
I remember the little radio I had as a child in the early 1990s. On Saturdays, I would disappear into my room at 9 pm. What was that music coming from the radio? It grabbed me like magic. What I heard on the radio was the “Club Night” on HR3, the local radio station from Frankfurt/Main.

By the late 1980s, I had already played the piano for several years and had taken lessons.


Then, in the early 1990s in a computer store, I saw a CD-ROM that piqued my curiosity. One piece of software on it was an 8-track “music tracker”. It was this that I started using to produce my own music.

After this one piece of software, I have since added all sorts of music trackers, sequencers, and DAWs, including Cakewalk, Steinberg Cubase VST, Propellerhead Rebirth RB-338, Emagic Logic, Image-Line FL-Studio, and Apple Logic Pro.


My music was initially played at school. Later in different discotheques, including Paramount Park and Dorian Gray in Frankfurt. I won some remix competitions and signed a record deal in 1999. This was followed by a few worldwide sampler couplings.

Over the years, I continued to expand my studio. Novation Supernova, Access Virus TI, Roland JP 8080, Roland MC 909 and others.

I started producing music for various clients and have worked with a number of singers over the years. I won more remix contests and set up my own label. My songs are also played at Space Night.


After almost 25 years of creative work, I enjoy it as much as I did on the very first day. And this energy drives me to keep going and breaking new ground. I sometimes change up the DAW to broaden my horizons and discover new synthesizers and ways of working.

I’ve been fascinated with computer games since the 1980s. Currently there are many new opportunities with virtual reality. With this knowledge and my experience, I produce royalty free adaptive music for games and videos.

My aim is to bring you unique and top quality royalty free music for use in your game or video projects.

Adaptive wishes,