FREE adaptive music

Working with my adaptive music changes everything. Experience the difference – for free:

All essential instruments are available in all my soundtracks as single tracks. This creates many new possibilities from scratch. Through your own editing, you can give the soundtrack a whole new direction.

In this short video I will show you how easily my music can be adapted to your video game or video.


If you start the single tracks at the same moment they are perfectly syncronized between them. This means that you can crossfades between states, depending on the state of your gameplay or the content of your video.

This permit to alter the music background in dependence of what it is happening during the gameplay or your video.

The main thing is, you get control of everything. You can also create your own new loops and transitions from the single tracks, which you can then use in Unity, for example.

How to set up my adaptive music in Unity with C# as vertical layering?

You can find all songs here: Royalty free adaptive music.

What makes my soundtracks special?

Experience it yourself and get access to the hybrid cyberpunk soundtrack “Noir Gravity”, to use in your game project or video project for FREE:


You get the complete package for free with all single tracks, transitions, intro, break, refrain, verses etc:

✅ ~85MB of content, 17 high quality audio files

✅ Royalty-free, no DRM, no content ID

✅ 100% safe music

✅ YouTube monetization

✅ Use in commercial games, trailers, videos and other media

✅ Yours to use forever (even if you unsubscribe)


Listen to the original soundtrack in full length here (is also included in the package):



[ Package contains ]
Full song:
00 Noir Gravity Soundtrack.wav

Single tracks:
01 Kick.wav
02 Snare.wav
03 Percussion.wav
04 HiHat.wav
05 Bass.wav
06 Cyberline.wav
07 Refrain Guitar.wav
08 Verse Alert.wav
09 Verse Sharp.wav
10 Intro.wav
11 Break.wav
12 Bonus Bass.wav
13 Bonus Cyberline.wav
14 Bonus Guitar.wav
15 Bonus Alert.wav
16 Bonus Sharp.wav

[ Format ]
Stereo WAV files
High quality 16 bit / 44.1 kHz
Works on all platforms