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All following songs can be used in any commercial way according to my royalty-free license.

None of my songs have Content-ID enabled. You will not get flagged or demonetized for using them in YouTube videos or live streams.

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Modern Folk / 130BPM / 2:42″

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Hardbohl Theme

Metal / 110BPM / 2:00″

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Imperial Providence

Modern Folk / 130BPM / 3:02″

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No Beat Force I

Trance / 136BPM / 2:50″

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No Beat Force II

Trance / 128BPM / 2:33″

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All I Want

Trance / 128BPM / 2:16″

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Real Love

Trance / 135BPM / 2:40″

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Blazing Deep Ocean

Electronica / 124BPM / 7:32″

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Trance / 138BPM / 4:46″

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Fade the Nova

Electronica / 128BPM / 5:37″

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House / 128BPM / 3:05″

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Icy Cold

Ambient / 90BPM / 2:13″

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Electronica / 128BPM / 3:41″

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Pop / 120BPM / 2:18″

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Christmas Wishes

Dance / 140BPM / 3:08″

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