8 really good reasons

Best adaptive music for your success – Really good reasons why my adaptive royalty free music are the right choice for your video game or video project




Over 25 years of experience

I have been producing music for over 25 years. As a first generation gamer, I play current video games myself and I am always on the cutting edge.

Developing video games is a hard job. The right music is a central component of a good video game. I know what is important.

My royalty free music can be dynamically adapted to fit your game scene or video project.


Royalty free, no copyrighted and 100% YouTube safe

Buy once and use my music in your commercial game or video and every game or video you make after it.

Use it on YouTube, in videos and trailers as customizable background music.

This includes monetised videos.

You will never get a copyright claim if you use my music in a video on YouTube. This includes when the music appears in videos about your game, such as reviews, trailers, gameplay videos etc.

Use it for…

sports, fitness, how to, educational, lifestyle, fashion, travel, documentary, podcast, vlog, vlog music, cinematic vlog, presentation, life hacks, DIY, unboxing, technology, time lapse, tutorial etc.

…without fear of content ID claims!

If you use my music in your video game, please also note the great opportunity to use the soundtrack for your official video game trailer. This gives you excellent marketing potential for your video game. And of course: Because the music is adaptive, it can be easily adapted to your game trailer video.


One simple license

My music is royalty-free and can be used in an unlimited number of projects for any personal or business project worldwide, forever!

A simple license is very important to me. It brings you safety and clarity.

Purchase with confidence:

– 100% safe music

– Royalty-free, no DRM, no content ID

– YouTube monetization

– Unlimited number of projects

– Licenses can be used worldwide

– Use in commercial games, trailers, videos and other media

– No extra license is required for games, software or apps

Read the royalty-free music license here: EULA (purchasing from my website via Gumroad).


Adaptive music / vertical layering / horizontal re-sequencing

A fixed soundtrack can immediately be used as background music or main menu music for your video game or for a game level you have developed.

But really good video game music fits dynamically into your game project, level or video project.

Exactly for this reason I always offer soundtracks with all single tracks. This gives you complete control over the music.

You can, for example, leave the drums out or use just drums, adjust the volume levels for added variation or use a solo instrument.

You can rearrange the soundtrack according to your own ideas and requirements.

My royalty free adaptive music offers much more flexibility than ordinary soundtracks. The single tracks are seamlessly looped and work without clips or pops.

And the ready-made mix are also always included.


Fast and simple editing

One way you can quickly and easily arrange my adaptive music to fit your project is to use the demo version of Image Line FL Studio.

Simply set the beats per minute of the soundtrack, import the single tracks by drag-and-drop and get started. You can cut loops, create your own new transitions from the single tracks, fade in, fade out or crossfade single tracks. Or create completely new variations. In short, you can build the entire song from scratch.

Note that the Image Line Fruity Loops FL Studio demo version allows you to export the result, but not save it to make changes later.

Of course this process also works with any other digital audio workstation, such as Apple Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Propellerhead Reason, Steinberg Cubase and many others.

Video editing programs can also be used to work directly with single tracks.

See also my demo video: Set up adaptive music.

A lot of other possibilities arise for example in the game engine Unity3D when it comes to using my music in video games.

Here I have prepared an example as well: Vertical layering with Unity and C#.

If you have any questions, just write me a message.


Professional audio quality

Due to a sophisticated and elaborate production technology during mixing, each individual single track already receives the final touch.

This way, the soundtrack has the best sound right from the start.

No matter which and how many single tracks you use from the soundtrack – everything always fits together smoothly.


Sound compatibility / mobile devices

When producing, I also pay attention to mono compatibility from the beginning. Because your music has to work on many speakers.

That’s why I test each soundtrack on many different devices like smartphones, tablets, headphones, pc and tv speakers and caraudio-systems.

But I don’t only test my music on mobile devices, I also mix directly from my digital audio workstation on the smartphone. Via ethernet I transfer the audio stream to my mobile devices. This improves the development process enormously.

I work in a professionally optimized studio. On all devices the sound has to be right – I am not satisfied before.


Musical diversity

My music catalog offers a variety of genres.

I produce popular music ranging from electronic, chiptune, ambient or techno, trance and progressive house to rock, hybrid or cyberpunk.

You can find all songs here: Royalty free adaptive music.


Immediate availability

If the soundtrack fits to your videogame or video, buy the soundtrack with all single tracks and wav files.

Get started right away:

Don’t forget your gift after you have bought on Gumroad.

If you have published your videogame or video with my music, let me know and I will set a link to your videogame or video.


30-day money back guarantee

If you don’t love it – I will refund it.

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, I will issue a full refund within 30 days. See my 30-days refund policy here.


FREE: Get the hybrid cyberpunk soundtrack “Noir Gravity”

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Test my work before you decide.

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